Systems and Parts List

Not sure what part you have for your vibration system?  Review these parts list for some of the major vibration testing systems to identify your part and learn how Dodson can find, perform routine maintenance, repair,  replace, or even machine a new part for you. Here are our downloadable parts list for products Dodson Technical carries.  You must have Adobe® Reader® to view them.

1216 Shaker 1216b Shaker
1224 Shaker 1512 Shaker
2016 Shaker 2512 Shaker
300 Shaker 308 Shaker
335 Shaker 385 Shaker
390 Shaker 4022 Shaker
4022LX Shaker 4522 Shaker
520 Shaker 540 Shaker
603 Shaker 612 Shaker
624 Shaker 8004 Amplifier
8008 Amplifier 8016 Amplifier
8024 Amplifier 8036 Amplifier
8072 Amplifier 8096 Amplifier
816 Shaker A300B Shaker
A395 Shaker B290 Shaker
B335 Shaker B340 Shaker
B385 Shaker C395 Shaker
D300 Shaker D390 Shaker
DMA12HB DMA Amplifier DMA1B DMA Amplifier
DMA33E DMA Amplifier DMA3HB DMA Amplifier
DMA4020E DMA Amplifier DMA48 DMA Amplifier
DMA5HB DMA Amplifier DMA6HB DMA Amplifier
E300 Shaker E390 Shaker

Found the Part you need?  Use our Contact from below to get a quote on that item or to help you find the part to one not listed.

  •   Email

  • Please send all additional Photos, Videos, Manuals, Drawings, Schematics, and Files to with your Name, company name and request date in the subject line
  • Note Maximum total attachment size is 10MB per email

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